'The Man in the Camo Jacket'

documents Mike Peters’ incredible and ongoing battle with cancer, tracing the roots of his strength and inner courage through an examination of The Alarm’s punk rock beginnings to becoming the first Welsh band to break into the USA, gaining the respect of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, who have all sung on stage with Mike Peters.

The movie chronicles The Alarm’s fall from grace in the early nineties and Mike Peters’ subsequent resurrection as an independent minded solo artist of vision and integrity, struck by a second cancer diagnosis of Leukemia just a year after a reconstituted Alarm broke back onto the world stage following the fake band, The Poppy Fields’  rock and roll subterfuge that made headlines around the globe in 2004.

Undeterred and with his family by his side, Mike Peters took the monthly chemo sessions in his stride, and despite many complications and setbacks, continued to perform concerts wearing his now trademark green camo jacket, and co-creating The Love Hope Strength Foundation to help and support the needs of less fortunate cancer patients at home and around the world.

Since being formed in 2007, Love Hope Strength is now the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation and through the inspiration of Mike Peters, the charity has built cancer centers in three continents and has played acoustic concerts at high altitudes on the summits of Mt. Snowdon, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Everest.

The Love Hope Strength “Get On the List” Campaign is represented all year round at thousands of rock concerts in the USA and UK, with over ten thousand supporting artists, including Robert Plant, Mumford & Sons, Frank Turner and Paul Weller. These unique rock concert donor drives are responsible for over 100,000 individuals signed to the international bone marrow donor registry with upwards of 2,000 potentially life saving matches found for individuals who like Mike, need a transplant to live.

‘Man in the Camo Jacket’ Documentary Film